Issa Farhat at Home

The Winning Ticket

A player's handbook for picking the ponies and winning the cash, tested, proven, and verified by winners.

"Not another system" - that's what you're saying. Right, it's not another system, it's Issa Farhat's system. He is America's top handicapper and he's been picking winners for years. He's run a ton of ads in some of the industry's top publications and his picks have been verified by an outside independent authority - so you know he's legit. But what you don't know is that for the past 5 years Issa has been putting down on paper the process, the steps, the system and his insight into how he selects his choices. And now, after years of testing the system with friends and associates, Issa's book is now ready for the racing public.

All you need to do is follow Issa's rules.

A few rules, basic simple rules so easy to learn you can memorize them in less than an hour. Armed with these rules and a copy of the top racing publication and your native intelligence, even a relatively inexperienced handicapper should be able to start making bets that return $10, $20 and even $50 or $100 on a simple wager. But don't just read this ad - look at the testimonials on the page too. These are players just like you who have been using Issa's system and are winning - day in and day out!

Here's Issa's Offer:

All you need to do is send your check for $99.00 (+ $3.00 U.S or $6.00 Canadian for shipping and handling) made payable to Kick Off Sports. During the next 30 days, use the system following it strictly. And if at the end of the time the system hasn't earned big cash for you, return the books and issa will send you back your $99.00 Fair enough. The fact is some people do win at the track. Only this time you don't just have the word of the man that wrote it ... you have the word of the people who have already used it - and are making money.



U.S. Residents $99.00

Canadian Residents $99.00

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